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Luhan鹿晗《零界点(On Fire)》正式MV(繁体版)Luhan鹿晗《零界点(On Fire)》正式MV(繁体版)
Duration: 3:37
迷幻冷酷的曲风,跳跃有力的节奏,鹿晗开辟现实与想象不断变幻的“零界点”空间!已知与未知的碰撞,层层递进的角色,场景与音乐的冲击, ... 2017-07-14 05:20:04
LuHan 鹿晗【Lu】Official MVLuHan 鹿晗【Lu】Official MV
Duration: 4:11
LuHan 鹿晗【Lu】Official MV 發布!Reloaded 重啓推進,「未來程序」再度運行,假設<That Good Good 有點兒意思>極具鹿晗個人特性的 flow 和<Adventu ... 2015-12-01 07:00:01
LuHan鹿晗 _Like a dream_Official Music VideoLuHan鹿晗 _Like a dream_Official Music Video
Duration: 3:37
Like a dream” is a R&B love song of LuHan s new album “XXVII+” Both classics and emerging trends, with tone of acoustic guitar in the classic medium-speed Hip-hop rhythm, are broug ... 2017-09-29 05:08:32
LuHan鹿晗_On Call_Official Music VideoLuHan鹿晗_On Call_Official Music Video
Duration: 3:26
On call” connected Jazz and contemporary R&B, beautiful EDM vibe and percussion sounds like snap, perfectly matched LuHan s vocal Lu performed this love song in his own unique style a ... 2017-04-20 06:02:28
LuHan鹿晗_Roleplay_Dance Performance VideoLuHan鹿晗_Roleplay_Dance Performance Video
Duration: 2:44
鹿晗敢冒险##鹿晗# 鹿Boss全新MINI数字专辑《Venture》最新单曲《敢(Roleplay)》舞蹈版MV正式 ... 2017-02-27 02:25:46
LuHan鹿晗_Catch me When I fall(某时某刻)_Music VideoLuHan鹿晗_Catch me When I fall(某时某刻)_Music Video
Duration: 4:27
LuHan releases MV for his new single Catch me when I Fall This single could tell us something about what LuHan had experienced these years and what he thought about growth ☆Instagram LuH ... 2016-10-24 04:23:33
LuHan 鹿晗【Your Song 致愛】Official MVLuHan 鹿晗【Your Song 致愛】Official MV
Duration: 3:49
LuHan 鹿晗【致愛Your Song 】Official MV 發表! That Good Good 有點兒意思MV bit ly 1OrBsur P&C 2015 南京鹿晗影視文化工作室LuHan 鹿晗首張個人專輯《Rel ... 2015-09-22 11:00:00
Luhan鹿晗《触发(Set it off)》正式版MV(繁体版)Luhan鹿晗《触发(Set it off)》正式版MV(繁体版)
Duration: 3:52
继《Lu》之后,“鹿男”再度上线,触发更多可能。迷幻浓厚的色彩,涂鸦、粉彩、霓虹荧光等元素组合,多重色彩打开视觉张力;万花筒、公路追 ... 2017-07-03 05:12:59
鹿晗《心率(Like a dream)》正式版MV   LuHan Like a dream Official Music Video鹿晗《心率(Like a dream)》正式版MV LuHan Like a dream Official Music Video
Duration: 3:37
鹿晗《XXVII+》专辑中的轻快R&B情歌《心率(Like a dream)》,其MV在2017年最后一个长假前正式与大家见面。正如歌曲中原声吉他“切片”式的演奏混 ... 2017-09-29 07:13:11
LuHan鹿晗《时差(On Call)》正式MV(繁中字幕)LuHan鹿晗《时差(On Call)》正式MV(繁中字幕)
Duration: 3:26
封闭的空间,外来的邀请,时差或许不只是地理概念,有时也是情感沟通的错失。成长的路上,I m always on call。 “On call” connected Jazz and contempora ... 2017-04-24 05:11:55
LuHan 鹿晗【That Good Good 有點兒意思】Official MVLuHan 鹿晗【That Good Good 有點兒意思】Official MV
Duration: 3:40
LuHan 鹿晗【有點兒意思That Good Good】Official MV 發布! Your Song 致愛MV bit ly 1OrBN0g P&C 2015 南京鹿晗影視文化工作室關於Reloaded 重啟已經開始 ... 2015-09-16 11:03:40
Luhan鹿晗《某时某刻 Catch me when I fall》正式MVLuhan鹿晗《某时某刻 Catch me when I fall》正式MV
Duration: 4:27
在这支《某时某刻 Catch me when I fall》的MV中,对于真正意义的成长,我们可以找到一些答案。 如同故事中全情投入的舞蹈女孩,面无表情的摩托车 ... 2016-10-24 02:00:01
Duration: 7:47
甜而不膩的鹿式情歌《Promises》(诺言)剧情版MV发布! ☆For more information ☆instagram LuHan s instagram com 7_luhan_m ☆weibo LuHan weibo com u 15 ... 2015-11-05 01:22:41
Duration: 3:57
鹿晗新专辑歌曲—《冒险时间》(Adventure Time)MV正式公开,终极大招,震撼来袭。VogueFilm首次打造的质感音乐影像,谁说伟大才值得被歌颂,好奇 ... 2016-03-20 08:23:19
LuHan 鹿晗【Medals 勛章】Official MV「我是證人」電影主題曲LuHan 鹿晗【Medals 勛章】Official MV「我是證人」電影主題曲
Duration: 3:44
LuHan 鹿晗【勛章Medals 】Official MV 發表! That Good Good 有點兒意思MV bit ly 1OrBsur Your Song 致愛MV bit ly 1OrBN0g P&C 2015 南京鹿晗影視文化工作 ... 2015-10-22 02:12:24
luhan and his confirmed girlfriend guan xiao tong momentsluhan and his confirmed girlfriend guan xiao tong moments
Duration: 1:6
god she s the luckiest girl alive dating the perfect luhan i m still can t believe it if it s real or for the drama promotion because we all know luhan don t talk about his personal li ... 2017-10-08 16:06:25
LuHan 鹿晗【Deep 海底】Official MV 「功夫熊貓 3」電影官方推廣曲LuHan 鹿晗【Deep 海底】Official MV 「功夫熊貓 3」電影官方推廣曲
Duration: 4:3
LuHan 鹿晗【Deep 海底】Official MV!LuHan 鹿晗<Deep 海底>是「功夫熊貓3 Kung Fu Panda 3」電影官方推廣曲,也是專輯《 Reloaded 重啟》的另首歌曲。<海 ... 2015-12-02 06:12:27
[ BREAKING]  Luhan admits he s in a relationship with Guan Xiaotong[ BREAKING] Luhan admits he s in a relationship with Guan Xiaotong
Duration: 49
Luhan Confirmed To Be In Relationship with Guan Xiao Tong It is a real sweet combat! 关晓彤Guan Xiao Tong 鹿晗LuHan 루한Hello everyone Let me introduce my girlfriend to you ♥ ... 2017-10-08 07:03:01
LuHan鹿晗_Skin to Skin_Official Music VideoLuHan鹿晗_Skin to Skin_Official Music Video
Duration: 3:42
鹿Boss最新MINI数字专辑《Xplore》第二支MV《Skin to skin》正式发布,We ll be right here with you in the longest fight! ☆Instagram LuHan s instagram com 7_luhan_ ... 2017-01-19 06:14:14
LuHan 鹿晗【Football Gang 超級冠軍】Official MVLuHan 鹿晗【Football Gang 超級冠軍】Official MV
Duration: 4:56
LuHan 鹿晗【Football Gang 超級冠軍】Official MV! Promise 諾言 bit ly 1Lps0ks Medals 勛章2 0 version bit ly 1LprVNP Medals 勛章「我是證人」電影版 bit ... 2015-11-20 04:25:27

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