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(1x01 8x16) Damon & Elena | How they fell in love with each other(1x01 8x16) Damon & Elena | How they fell in love with each other
Duration: 7:54
"A long and happy life together" __ I tried my best to portray their story in 8 minutes, I hope I succeeded This is my tribute, I hope you like it Thank you TVD and Delena It s been ... 2017-03-13 06:58:57
Centuries || Multifandom [10k]Centuries || Multifandom [10k]
Duration: 2:26
Watch in 720p is better! ) {Warning Spoilers for movies and tv shows & violence} - Remember me, for centuries - First 2015 video! __ I never thought I would be capable of making a vid ... 2015-01-01 19:00:31
►MultiCouples | Wings (for iForeverYooung) [w  MakeStronger3]►MultiCouples | Wings (for iForeverYooung) [w MakeStronger3]
Duration: 4:33
HD« Happy Birthday Nadia!!!! Nadia!! Siento mucho que lo subamos tan tarde, pero ya sabes que estos dias he tenido invitadas en casa, entre eso y que el vegas me odia me ha sido imposib ... 2014-12-24 14:57:34
Alex & Maggie | Let me go so I can find myself again (2x08)Alex & Maggie | Let me go so I can find myself again (2x08)
Duration: 1:56
"Life s too short We should be who we are and we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss" __ I am really proud of this show and the message they are giving to the world Thank you ca ... 2016-11-30 10:00:02
Jon & Daenerys | He loved her and she loved him (7x07)Jon & Daenerys | He loved her and she loved him (7x07)
Duration: 3:13
"I ve brought ice and fire together" __ LET ME FIRST SAY I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH "His name is Aegon Targaryen He s never been a bastard He s the heir to the iron throne " HELL YEAH ... 2017-08-28 21:57:02
multibadass | stay high [+iForeverYooung]multibadass | stay high [+iForeverYooung]
Duration: 1:31
HD is better! - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOFF, VESI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE MY PARTNER IN CRIMEN, LOVELY NAD! s www youtube com channel UCxvLkfRsqwl1UnmwT1qjzEg s www youtub ... 2015-05-28 00:16:31
► Multicouples l Say When {w  iForeverYooung}► Multicouples l Say When {w iForeverYooung}
Duration: 3:3
Watch in 720HD Aquí va nuestro ultimo detallito, sentimos el atraso pero bueno, mas vale tarde que nunca no??? ajjaja ale, a sufrir un ratito mas ;) Couples Fandom a lot Song Say Wh ... 2016-06-17 14:54:07
DO YOU REMEMBER? | Multicouples (+Maketronger3)DO YOU REMEMBER? | Multicouples (+Maketronger3)
Duration: 2:49
do you remember the things I made you feel? __ HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY ÁLVARO! Lo subo con un poco de retraso pero con la misma intención que el día de tu cumple Felicidades de nuevo niño! ... 2017-06-20 17:35:12
Skye & Ward | Already GoneSkye & Ward | Already Gone
Duration: 2:42
"We were always meant to say goodbye" __ Goodbye Grant Douglas Grant Goodbye Skyeward MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS KAR!!! ✖ Song at the beginning ✖ Fandom agents of shield ✖ Colorin ... 2015-12-26 22:38:02
ThreeWishes | SUBSCRIBE!ThreeWishes | SUBSCRIBE!
Duration: 30
Wanna watch the most amazing collabs? We are Alvaro, Ara & Nadia Subscribe to our new channel where we ll upload our projects together! D s www youtube com channel UCoiJ8avXi3sTb-I6IkxM3 ... 2015-03-20 21:23:24
Francis & Mary | Meant to be (1x01 3x05)Francis & Mary | Meant to be (1x01 3x05)
Duration: 2:56
"We were meant to be happy and we were" __ It s been almost 2 years since my last Frary vid Lots of you wanted me to make another "How they fell in love with each other" video about th ... 2015-11-15 22:41:02
MultiFandom | Black Widow (w  iForeverYooung)MultiFandom | Black Widow (w iForeverYooung)
Duration: 52
HD« New collab with the amazing Nadia! I hope you like it ^^ Sub to her! s www youtube com user iForeverYooung s www youtube com watch?v ZomKRn1kC1E&feature youtu be ____ ... 2014-09-12 08:29:06
H E L L O | MulticouplesH E L L O | Multicouples
Duration: 3:34
HAPPY NEW YEAR! "I m here, because of you Only you " __ Yay, finally up! New year, new thingy effects ;) You have no idea how difficult it was to render those damn effects, even thoug ... 2016-01-05 20:16:59
Oliver + Felicity | Oliver + Felicity | "She saved me, she s my light" (3x08)
Duration: 1:33
Watch in 720p is better! ) "She just lit it up" akfklasjg That quote fit them so much isn t it?! __ ✖ Fandom arrow ✖ Song Principia Rerum ✖ Coloring mine ✖ Program Sony Veg ... 2014-12-04 20:10:12
Arrow | Who we areArrow | Who we are
Duration: 3:39
Watch in 720p is better! ) (SPOILERS UP TO 3x09) "I m not a hero" __ I started this video like two or three months ago idk, when 3x01 aired I think I guess I just hadn t the strenght ... 2014-12-31 02:57:54
Multicouples | Hunger (w  iForeverYooung)Multicouples | Hunger (w iForeverYooung)
Duration: 3:6
HD« ¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Ara!!!!!!!!! cada dia mas rubia y vieja, empeoras por momentos jajaja pero bueno, aquí tienes un regalito que esperamos que te suba mucho el ánimo, porq ... 2015-09-21 22:25:45
Alex & Maggie | Alex & Maggie | "I love you" (2x19)
Duration: 1:44
Our love is untouchable ❝We just started this, you and me, and it s not going to end Not today, not for a long time❞ ❝Those firsts that you talked about, I wanna have them all ... 2017-05-02 22:20:58
Multicouples | Shameless (+dedication)Multicouples | Shameless (+dedication)
Duration: 1:55
Watch in 720p is better! ) "I needed something in my life, someone who loved me You did that And I loved you back" __ BIG DEDICATION TO SIL!! Happy super late birthday! D It was such ... 2016-07-25 19:35:57
Multicouple || Young and Beautiful [w  iForeverYooung]Multicouple || Young and Beautiful [w iForeverYooung]
Duration: 3:48
WATCH IN 720p HD! A new multicouple with iForeverYooung We planned it one month ago but it is a bad days to make vids so finally we upload it! D We are so happy with the result We ho ... 2013-06-08 20:25:01
Aria&Ezra | Please Be Mine [to iForeverYooung]Aria&Ezra | Please Be Mine [to iForeverYooung]
Duration: 3:14
Watch in HD, you see better ;D~ Hi guys! This is my new video, and I hope you like it! ;D Bueno, pues este vídeo como bien he puesto en el titulo va para Nadia, porque ayer dije que esta ... 2013-08-30 18:53:09

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