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TISM   Homebake 1998 (Full Show)TISM Homebake 1998 (Full Show)
Duration: 50:59
TISM s full gig at Homebake 1998 Setlist Intro Tape (Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth) Gotta Root Out of It Thunderbirds Are Coming Out Greg! The Stop Sign Dumb n Ba ... 2011-12-01 08:25:40
TISM   www tism wanker    WebcastTISM www tism wanker Webcast
Duration: 38:27
This is the original tism wanker com webcast as hosted by David Williams This was recorded by a TISM fan back in 1998 I tried to upload it at the same time as Black Betty by Spiderbait b ... 2012-07-12 06:43:05
TISM   This Is Serious Mum Demo Tape (full album)TISM This Is Serious Mum Demo Tape (full album)
Duration: 33:9
This is the Holy Grail of TISM releases It was released in late 1985 in a limited edition of 50 copies It contains early versions of familiar TISM trax and some TISM trax only found her ... 2012-11-14 12:49:09
TISM   De Rigueurmortis sessions (2000)TISM De Rigueurmortis sessions (2000)
Duration: 4:8
This video is of some of TISM s recording sessions at their Springvale home and custom recording studio back in the year 2000 They demonstrate their Optigan with the outro riff to 2Pot Screa ... 2011-12-16 12:44:40
TISM   For Those About to RockTISM For Those About to Rock
Duration: 1:32
This song was meant for an AC DC tribute album, but it was never released, however Richard Miles leaked three snippets (that s how he received it from the source) to the Craplist in ... 2012-09-28 08:31:48
TISM   The TISM Boat Hire Offer (live, 23 June 1989)TISM The TISM Boat Hire Offer (live, 23 June 1989)
Duration: 3:24
One of the best Australian bands ar ... 2012-11-16 06:36:57
Контрол   Те т ва е (целия албум)Контрол Те т ва е (целия албум)
Duration: 1:11:22
Това е последния издание от българска пънк група Контрол, издадена в 2004 година на Старс рекърдс Това компи ... 2013-01-17 08:27:06
Neuro (English language Taiwanese release)Neuro (English language Taiwanese release)
Duration: 30
Proof that the 2006 Russian shooter "Neuro" was released in Taiwan in 2008, fully dubbed into English Uploaded for LegendsWorld net Download here s mega nz #!PVc3EABI!kIfvCp2BHx9JlovV5 ... 2018-02-05 05:17:18
Red Hot Chili Peppers   One Big Mob  StretchRed Hot Chili Peppers One Big Mob Stretch
Duration: 12:9
This is the full 12 minute track "One Big Mob Stretch" recorded by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and originally intended to be on their One Hot Minute LP, released in 1995 The track was spl ... 2013-06-12 10:39:08
Гордост   Нова вяра (целия албум)Гордост Нова вяра (целия албум)
Duration: 40:54
Това е третият албум от българска хардкор група Гордост, издадена в 2004 Песни 1) Пролог (0 00) 2) Нова вяра (0 3 ... 2012-12-05 03:10:31
Aleksandar Makedonski   Ako mi dadesAleksandar Makedonski Ako mi dades
Duration: 2:53
Oficialen spotot za pesnata "Ako mi dades" (1996) od Aleksandar Makedonski, so snimci od filmot "Prevrteno" (2007) Zemaat od CD-single "Ako mi dades" (2 ... 2013-05-08 09:35:16
Karma   The Joke s on You (Full Album)Karma The Joke s on You (Full Album)
Duration: 31:10
This is the classic album "The Joke s on You" by the prog rock band Karma It was active from 1982 to 1986 THe vocalist is Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree, who was only 14 years old when th ... 2012-08-10 01:37:29
Man in the Wood   Glamour and the SandMan in the Wood Glamour and the Sand
Duration: 2:54
Ripped from the B-side of the Rain 7" (1989) by Fokker ... 2015-01-14 14:10:39
Cokance (celiot album)Cokance (celiot album)
Duration: 1:18:4
Prviot dvoen album vo Makedonija 1) Cokance (0 00) 2) Jas samo ziveam (4 04) 3) Kratka pesna (6 40) 4) Ubiec (9 10) 5) Dosta ke te kasnam kako panter (13 07) 6) Ti si moja (16 45) 7) Bejb ... 2013-04-29 11:35:33
Dmitry Selivanov   The Birds of ParadiseDmitry Selivanov The Birds of Paradise
Duration: 2:42
This song is one of the most accurate documents of the hardness of life under communism It was recorded in 1987 at the house of the Lishchenko brothers by Dmitry Seliv ... 2013-11-29 09:05:15
Syb van der Ploeg en Maaike Schuurmans   Wa t ik binSyb van der Ploeg en Maaike Schuurmans Wa t ik bin
Duration: 4:6
Geript uit de ,,De Fuke -DVD Songtekst (in Fries, gekopieerd uit muzikum eu) Koest do net sjen, koest do net oan myn eagen sjen Dat ik gjin fjoer mear yn my hie Wêr wie de stim, w ... 2014-01-22 10:33:17
TISM   1999 Big Day OutTISM 1999 Big Day Out
Duration: 58:14
This is TISM s 1999 gig at the Big Day Out It was filmed with a potato Setlist Intro Gotta Root out of It Thunderbirds are Coming Out Greg! The Stop Sign!! Dumb n Ba ... 2011-12-16 12:54:29
Вопли Видоплясова   ТанціВопли Видоплясова Танці
Duration: 2:28
Watch four Ukrainian guys jump around in black and w ... 2014-09-25 14:04:50
Tlot Tlot   The Girlfriend SongTlot Tlot The Girlfriend Song
Duration: 3:30
Reupload of s www youtube com watch?v YwmthL4D6Cg, with audio sourced from my CD copy of the single This was Tlot Tlot s second and final single, released in 1995 The band broke ... 2014-12-14 12:04:55
20 years of TISM (2004, interview with the Age  SMH)20 years of TISM (2004, interview with the Age SMH)
Duration: 4:45
Found this on soulseek, have no idea where it origin ... 2013-01-18 14:27:11

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